How do I keep my new shower clean?


Anderson Glass recommends using a squeegee to remove water from the glass after every shower.  Minerals can leave water spots on the glass.  Cleaning is much easier without out-dated “U” channel and ugly tracks and framing that accumulate grunge, dirt and mold.  Your new frameless enclosure is much easier to clean and maintain it’s beautiful new appearance without channel and tracks. We also offer a glass product called “Shower Guard.” This product is manufactured with a patented ion beam process, producing a permanently sealed glass surface that will keep your shower looking beautiful with a minimal amount of cleaning.  Our clients find that it is a very valuable upgrade to their all-glass shower enclosure and there is a high demand for this product.


What is ShowerGuard & Why is ShowerGuard so popular?

Guardian's ShowerGuard is the first and only shower glass with protection that never needs to be reapplied. The surface of the glass is sealed through a patented ion-beam process during manufacturing, so it resists the corrosion and discoloration cause by constant exposure to heat, humidity, hard water, soaps, and harsh cleaners. It is also eco-friendly, because it requires less cleaning materials and maintains its original like-new appearance for years.

Unlike spray-on or wipe-on treatments that eventually wear off, the protection provided by Guardian ShowerGuard glass is part of the glass itself, so it never needs to be reapplied. Recent advancements in science and innovation through Guardian's Science & Technology Center enable the company to combine ShowerGuard and SatinDeco, a beautiful distinctive privacy glass.

ShowerGuard is offered in SatinDeco, an acid etched glass, as well as in clear and UltraWhite low iron. It is available through glass and shower dealers throughout the United States. Anderson Glass is a registered ShowerGuard dealer.

When is the best time to call Anderson Glass?


The sooner the better!  There are often design issues that should be addressed long before your shower is framed out and tiled; such as knee wall vs. glass panel; height of glass and tile projection and height; steam shower; slopes of surfaces, etc.  Our 30 years of expertise can be utilized long before the glass goes in!  We recommend calling us at the planning stage, often times we can avert problem issues before it’s too late!

How thick is the glass?


Anderson Glass almost exclusively uses ½” glass for aesthetics, safety and function; however 3/8” glass can be used for a single door application.


What are the current trends for the types of glass used?


Anderson Glass most commonly installs a low-iron glass that reduces the “green” appearance found in heavy glass.  Regular clear ½” thick glass is also used. For those customers who want an opaque glass, acid washed glass is the most current common solution in today’s market. Many other specialty glass options are also available at Anderson Glass; antique glass, coral glass, rain glass, but there are too many to list here. If you are interested in a particular type of glass or in seeing samples of the latest trends, we have them ready for you.  Anderson Glass will always offer you the latest in technology and trends and stays on the cutting edge of the glass industry.


What is Low Iron glass?


All glass produces a green tint caused by its iron content.  The thicker the glass, the more noticeable it is.  When buying heavy glass, such as a ½” frameless enclosure, you can reduce the “green” appearance by buying a glass manufactured with a lower iron content. This produces a very clear glass with less green tint, resulting in no discoloration of your tile behind the glass.


What handle and hardware options are there?


Anderson Glass only uses top quality, high-end luxury hardware.  Several style choices and finishes provide the best match with your luxury fixtures.  Custom designs are also available.   We have samples for you to touch and choose. If you would like to browse some of the options we provide please visit www.portalshardware.com.


Is a glass enclosure safe?


Yes.  Anderson Glass primarily uses ½” glass for frameless enclosures for strength, safety and aesthetics.  All shower glass must be tempered or laminated by law for safety.  Anderson Glass only designs shower enclosures that comply with all codes and safety regulations.  Safety is always a priority.


How long after installation may I use my new shower?


We recommend approximately 24 hours for silicone to set up properly before using your new enclosure.


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